She surprised her stepdad with something special from his past after he spent his savings to marry her mom

"Backstory: my stepdad is awesome."

That's how Kristin Russell describes Dave, the man who married her mother; the man who she remembers playing with Barbies, and reading; the man who coached every softball team she was on; the man who attended every karate tournament.

"He never had to do any of that," wrote Russell.

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Dave was saving up money to restore his Porsche when he, instead, used his savings to pay to marry Russell's mother. The car was left at a garage, and eventually gutted for parts.

Russell spent two years saving money from her deployment, and figuring out how to get him an identical car. In the end, she found one in great condition, and traveled far and wide (from California to Arizona, then had it shipped to Pennsylvania) to get it to him.

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"I'm just happy I could do something nice for a guy who has always done absolutely anything he could for me," she wrote.

Watch the video below for another sweet surprise:

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