NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos want Colin Kaepernick to take a pay cut

49ers Probably Won't Trade Kaepernick
49ers Probably Won't Trade Kaepernick

Easily one of the biggest stories of the offseason in the NFL this year is the status of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. One team that is need of a quarterback and has been linked to Kaepernick throughout the offseason is the Denver Broncos. The holdup in a possible trade to send Kaepernick to the Broncos is reportedly the large contract that Kaepernick recently signed. After taking the league by storm in 2012, Kaepernick really struggled last season, making it a risk to keep him at his high salary.

After Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos then lost Brock Osweiler in free agency to the Houston Texans, leaving them without a quarterback. As the Philadelphia Eagles cleaned out players from the Chip Kelly regime, the Broncos were able to land Mark Sanchez in a trade.

Sanchez has been to two AFC Championship games with the New York Jets, and he would be back in a familiar role with the Broncos' elite defense in 2016. But while Sanchez has been a solid backup for the Eagles the past few seasons, he hasn't shown that he should be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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The Broncos hoped that Osweiler would be their quarterback of the future, but with him leaving, John Elway has been forced to scramble to find a new quarterback. The situation in Denver would be a great one for Kaepernick as he would have two great wide receivers in Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas to go along with C.J. Anderson at the running back position.

Kaepernick has stated that he wants to leave San Francisco, but in order to do so, it appears he will need to take a pay cut. The situation in Denver is much better than the one in San Francisco, as Kaepernick could easily redeem himself in 2016 with the Broncos.

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