Lucius's Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe dish on their songwriting process

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Lucius's unique sounds and even more distinctive style has put them on the map of emerging musical acts. The quintet hailing from New York have marked themselves as a leading force in the indie-pop realm, with their sophomoric album "Good Grief" pulling together a myriad of influences and creating a new sound that seems to transcend time and genre. Their lyrics are honest and take viewers on a journey through the band's own ups and downs while being on the road for almost two years. In many ways, it serves as it's own form of cathartic release for Lucius, proving that beauty and art can come out of some of life's hardest moments.

Lucius's ability to mirror their voice and their visual performance makes their live shows a can't-miss event. Even if you thought "Good Grief" was dynamic as a record alone, the tracks will really come alive when the band performs it on stage. And now, everyone can experience this first-hand — no concert ticket necessary.

For the first time ever, the band will be delivering its music to the masses. Their concert in New York, happening tomorrow night at 9 p.m ET, will be live streamed on the app go90 so that everyone -- regardless of their zip code -- can join in on the action.

As an added bonus, we spoke exclusively with lead singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe from Lucius to pick their brains on the band's writing process, their biggest musical influences and more!

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You both met at Berklee College of Music. How did a more traditional music background influence how you craft songs?
Jess Wolfe: I think more than anything, Berklee gave us this sense of community. I think both of us really didn't have the proper nurturing environment for that, other than our parents who were always very supportive. But when we got to school it was the first time we felt like we were a part of a community or a web of artists. I think that really allowed for us to nurture our craft. It never felt like we were at a conservatory of music getting classical composition training.

Holly Laessig: Because of that exposure, we're always pulling influences from other musicians and learning from each other. We also have a lot of fun arranging the songs together. Our life is always about constant collaboration whether it's writing, arranging, performing live or living together. We're collaborating everyday.

How has your sound evolved from your first record until now?
Jess Wolfe: From the time of our first record until now it's been several years. We've toured the world and we have a good amount of perspective and experience. I think that maturity and actual growth have definitely influenced our sound. Also being on stage and seeing what works in front of an audience versus what doesn't also has enabled us to think about our music and has helped inspired the sound that we have now.

If you could give us a snapshot of your music writing process, what would it look like?
Holly Laessig: It varies. There's not a formula. One of us will have an idea and we'll write down notes, write down voice memos, and we'll come to each other with a collection of things. Sometimes certain pieces will work together, sometimes we'll just start from scratch.

Jess Wolfe: We kind of just do whatever is inspiring us at the moment!

What's the biggest thing you've learned while working with the rest of the band?
Jess Wolfe: I think we've learned how to work with a wide range of dynamics and personalities. We've learned to have patience and understanding. And we also have learned a lot about music from each other. We also have a wide range of musical influences so we're always going to learn more from each other in that way too.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Holly Laessig: We are both really inspired by old-school soul music and really good old pop songs. I think that that shows through our writing a lot.

Jess Wolfe: We're drawn to those moments when a melody is simple but the arrangement is so much more complex. There's actually a lot going on even though it doesn't always feel that way. Those are types of things we've always been drawn to. You know like Phil Spector's Wall of Sound; it sounds like you just want to dive right in.

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