Keke Palmer's candid reaction to the infamous 'My Jeans' video

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If you haven't been exposed to the 2011 viral video "My Jeans," we've got a real treat in store for you. Four years ago, YouTube personality and hopeful star Jenna Rose uploaded a video featuring her and a bunch of her best pre-teen friends singing about -- well, their jeans. The video quickly became a hit, amassing over 14 million video views and became part of a huge cultural movement towards up-and-coming artist YouTube videos al a Rebecca Black.

But the real kicker was the lyrics, which featured the fan-favorite line "Keke Palmer's wearing my jeans. I just can't believe they're wearing those jeans like me." And if you've always been wondering what Keke Palmer actually thought of the video -- you don't have to wait any longer. We sat down with Palmer and asked her the burning question we've all been thinking.

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Turns out, she loved the video just as much as we did. She exclaimed, "Girl, I loved that video! And you know, people still comment on my pictures until this day and are like, "Keke Palmer's wearing my jeans. I thought it was so freaking cute and I always wondered what happened to that girl."

Jenna Rose can rest easy knowing that she has the Keke Palmer stamp of approval.

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