Here's what to expect from Lucius's first-ever live streamed concert

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Lucius's fan-favorite tracks are undoubtedly changing the face of modern indie-pop music. But it's the band's mesmerizing live performances that really up the ante. Not only does the entire group sport matching outfits -- trust us, uniforms have never looked cooler -- but they also feed off of the crowd, involving them on their musical journeys.

Normally you'd have to wait until the band makes its way into your hometown to see them perform up close and personal, but on this Thursday anyone and everyone from across the country will be able to tune in to see Lucius live through go90. And while don't want to give too much away, we can tell you that there will be lots of high-energy music, glitzy costumes, and flawless harmonies in store for you.

We recently had the exclusive chance to speak with lead singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe about their live performance. Ahead, we got the low-down on their on stage dynamics with their fans, what they're looking forward to during their go90 live stream, and more!

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Visual aesthetics play an important role in the creation of your music. Why did you decide to make this a part of your process?
Jess Wolfe: It started off just coordinating outfits and it kind of grew from there. And the artists we are very much inspired by had a visual representation in our music. We wanted to get lost in our show and we wanted to feel like people were journeying along with us. More importantly it is a way for us to work together as one. It was important that people saw us somehow having that Rorschach effect and mirroring each other.

How would you describe the dynamic between you and your fans?
Holly Laessig: We just try and have a lot of fun and a lot of energy and let the stage be our playground. People show up with their equal amounts of enthusiasm and we can feed off of each other.

What has touring been like for you both?
Jess Wolfe: It's incredibly wonderful experience so far. We were driving ourselves everywhere for several years and a lot of times had to do overnight drives and be at a show in the morning. On top of that we had to load in our equipment, have interviews, do soundcheck, get ready, do the show, loading out, selling our our merch and do it all over again. Some nights we would get a good night's rest but sometimes it was just sleeping on the floor wherever you could find a spot. It's really hard on your body and your mind. Luckily we have that perspective now and we know when we have to ask for something or when we have to say no to something.

How has technology, like live streaming or social media, changed the way you operate as musicians?
Jess Wolfe: It's a way for us to connect with our fans and gives us the opportunity to show them that we're reaching out and wanting to make an experience for them. Whether it's fun Instagram things or contests or having a wonderful opportunity to do a live stream with go90, it's a great opportunity to do that.

How do you feel going into your first-ever live stream show?
Holly Laessig: We're really excited about it. We do pride ourselves on our live performances.

What can fans expect from the show?
Holly Laessig: They can expect a lot of percussion and rhythm, volume, powerful vocals, lots of harmonies and a cool visual to go along with it.

Jess Wolfe: I think there will also be something for everybody. I'm always surprised when I look out into an audience to see what a diverse crowd we have. I think it speaks to the kind of music you put out there.

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YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming stars. To see more of past interviews, including exclusive Lucius features, click here.


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