You'll never sleep again after watching a giant rat crawl onto a sleeping subway rider's neck


There are many reasons not to nap on the subway: You could, for instance, miss your stop, or get your pocket picked -- or, as one unfortunate 7 train rider has learned, you could be awakened by a giant rat that has crawled up your body and onto your neck. Instagram user Anthony Lin captured video of the scene early Sunday morning. In the comments thread of his post, he noted that upon waking up, the "dude was screaming and ran into the next car fast as hell." Understandably so!

In case you're trying to convince yourself this is a freak incident and that there's no chance rats will crawl all over your body the next time you doze off on a late-night train ride, a similar scene played out back in 2011 and was also captured on video. So sleep tight, straphangers -- or, better still, don't sleep at all.

And for more on rats in the subway, don't forget this viral video:

Video of Pizza-Toting Subway Rat Goes Viral
Video of Pizza-Toting Subway Rat Goes Viral
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