From 'Full House' to empty house: Creator's $29M dream bachelor pad is for sale

Inside LA's $29 Million Bachelor Pad
Inside LA's $29 Million Bachelor Pad

"Full House"? Think again.

This dream bachelor pad was designed by "Full House" creator, Jeff Franklin, who tore down the original house on the property to rebuild one exactly to his liking and customization.

Franklin moved in to the original home during Season 1 of the iconic TV show and lived there for nearly 20 years.​

Check out these breathtaking pictures of the mansion:

Naturally, Franklin found a bigger and even better mansion to suit his needs just down the street, leaving this one vacated and up for grabs.

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This place has every over-the-top feature you could ever want, from custom marble floors throughout to a 10-car garage that doubles as a nightclub.

But what's Franklin's favorite feature? It's this:

"I love the shower. The glass walls retract and it's wide open, and you are just taking a shower, basically, in front of Los Angeles."​

Panoramic views of virtually the entire city make bathing here quite the experience.

Have $29M to spend on this estate? If so, as Michelle Tanner would say, "You got it, dude."

For $10M more, this Hamptons estate could be yours, too:

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