For kids, 2 breakfasts are better than none when it comes to obesity

For Kids, 2 Breakfasts Are Better Than None When It Comes to Obesity

Researchers suggest eating more for breakfast can actually help you keep the weight off.

A new study published in Pediatric Obesity tracked over 500 students in grades five through seven: those who didn't eat breakfast, those who ate at home or school and those who ate both at home and school.

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The researchers didn't see a significant obesity risk in the kids who ate breakfast twice. However, for the kids who skipped breakfast, the obesity risk doubled.

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For kids, 2 breakfasts are better than none when it comes to obesity

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While two breakfasts might be better than none, the study isn't saying you should feast on unhealthy helpings.

One of the study's authors said: "It's not like these kids are eating two breakfasts of donuts. School breakfasts are very healthy. It's fruit and low-fat dairy and whole grains, so you could almost think of it as a healthy snack."

The researchers say the findings confirm how important breakfast is -- even though a 2011 study estimated 31 million Americans skip the "most important meal of the day."

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