Report: Bernie Sanders left off D.C. ballot after Democratic party registration mistake

Sanders' Name Might Be Missing From Ballot Because of DC Democrats
Sanders' Name Might Be Missing From Ballot Because of DC Democrats

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has reportedly been left off the Washington D.C. primary ballot.

According to NBC Washington, the D.C. Democratic Party submitted his registration paperwork a day late.

Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail

Sanders' campaign, as well as Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's campaign, submitted the district's registration fee on time earlier this month, however the Democratic party did not notify the D.C. Board of Elections until one day after the March 16 deadline, according to the report.

Washington D.C.'s primaries are slated for June 14, and if necessary, D.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Anita Bonds told NBC an emergency vote could be taken to resolve the problem.

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The news comes amid growing outcries from Sanders' supporters who have complained that the Democratic Party has been "rigging" the campaign process in favor of Clinton.

His backers have accused the Clinton campaign of breaking debate rules, and most recently accused her of voter suppression and election fraud during the Arizona primary.