All the reasons we love Trader Joe's

All the reasons we love Trader Joe's

If grocery stores were high school students, Trader Joe's would be a humble prom king. And its a no-brainer as to why it's so popular...

1. There's always someone to help.

Their customer service is so good because they overstaff. Haven't you noticed the abundance of people walking around in a Hawaiian t-shirt?

2. They know their stuff.

Lucky for them, their employees get to try all of the new products so they can give you an honest opinion. Back in the break room one person is in charge of cooking everything for the staff to taste.

3. Their employees are happy.

Forget scraping by on minimum wage. Trader Joe's employees not only start out with good pay, but after 3 months of 30 hours a week, they get health insurance and a 401(k).

4. They're environmentally conscious.

Like a bakery, they donate all unsold food. Everything from flowers to produce gets donated to local organizations. Basically if it's not in perfect shape, it gets donated.

5. They're on it.

You've probably noticed the constant bell-ringing. One bell means the lines are getting too long, and two bells means an extra employee is needed to help with something. A rare third bell calls for a manager.

6. Your satisfaction is most important.

Not that this happens often, but if you buy something, open it, and don't like it, you can bring it back for a full refund! No seriously, you can return anything. Even that half eaten carton of dark chocolate covered almonds you apparently didn't like.

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Plus, click through below for the most popular Trade Joe's products to buy:

Consumers' favorite items at Trader Joe's
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All the reasons we love Trader Joe's

Favorite overall:
Cookie butter, $3.69 each

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite beverage:
Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider, $2.99

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite Candy:
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, $4.29

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite Condiment:
Organic Ketchup,  $1.99

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite pumpkin:
Organic Pumpkin, $1.99

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite meat/meatless:
Soy Chorizo, $1.99

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite salad:
Organic arugula, $2.49

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite produce:
Bananas, $.19 each

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite bakery:
Sourdough Bread, $2.99

Via Trader Joe's

Favorite frozen:
Mandarin Orange Chicken

Via Trader Joe's


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