You need to see this new smart luggage that will rid you of all airport stress

This startup wants to solve your travel woes
This startup wants to solve your travel woes

When was the last time you showed up at the airport without any sort of stress?

Between waiting for baggage claim, security lines, worrying about losing something or whatever unexpected glitches occur, it can seem impossible to have a seamless airport experience.

But thanks to the new smart luggage company Raden, all of that's about to change.

The four features that Raden luggage has built in to it will change your airport experience completely:

Joshua Udashkin, CEO and founder, said:

"Raden eliminates the worry of getting to the airport on time, the anxiety of possibly having an overweight bag as you're checking in, and the fear of your phone and other devices dying during your trip. Raden not only solves all these problems, but also does so with a beautiful, sleek case."

As a millennial himself, Udashkin knows what's in demand: products that cater to the technologically dependent and that make any process, even going to the airport, easier.

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Raden currently has $3.5M in Venture Capital funding.

The company's e-commerce store opened March 29, and a brick-and-mortar store is set to open in the SoHo area of New York City, though no date has been specified.

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