Why 'manspreading' could be the key to love

Why 'manspreading' could be the key to love

'Manspreading' on trains is where dudes throw their legs wide open taking up a ton of space. It's a real issue for a lot of people, and even the NYC subway has signs telling men to shut them.

So it's bad on public transportation but actually good in dating.

A study is saying that men who spread their legs in pictures are seen as more desirable. The researchers used a Tinder-style setup to test what their subjects would find more attractive, and people who were looser with their body language got more attention.

The thought process is that being looser makes you seem more open and dominant. Imagine trying to go up to a person who has their arms crossed. You will most judge that person as guarded and not really interested in speaking with you.

The scientists from the University of California nailed the important of a study like this. In terms of finding a partner, using apps or meeting someone online is now second to meeting people through friends.

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