Want to sleep underwater with the sharks? There's an Airbnb for that

Sleep with sharks: Airbnb's first underwater bedroom
Sleep with sharks: Airbnb's first underwater bedroom

Hold your breath and get your brave face ready.

Dive down 10 meters deep (about .006 miles) and into the blue when you stay in this Airbnb in lovely Paris.

Sleep safe and (possibly) soundly surrounded by 35 sharks in a 360-degree glass submarine in the Aquarium de Paris' shark tank.

And no, we're not talking about the TV show.

Check out the absolutely thrilling bedroom rental below:

But fear not, a stay here doesn't mean feeding you to the sharks and hoping you survive.

Your host will be Fred Buyle, shark specialist and freediver.

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Not only will he introduce you to the controversial creatures, but he'll be teaming up with a marine biologist at the aquarium to give you a lesson on "how they live, why they're so misunderstood, and their importance to the ocean's ecosystem."

Leisure and education at the same time? Your mom would be so proud.

But just as untraditional as this Airbnb is itself, so is the process of getting to spend a night in it.

Guests will be chosen to stay here based on a contest they must enter explaining why they feel they should be the one to sleep with the sharks for the night.

The listing states that they'll fly in the winners from anywhere in the world, who will be flown in on April 11, 12 and 13. (And don't worry, everyone's allowed to bring a guest.)

The only downside? Due to the sharks sensitivity to light, the listing states as its number one rule: "No selfies after dark."

Sorry, millennials!

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