There's a new selfie trend -- and you probably didn't know you were doing it

Kim Kardashian Takes A Selfie With Her Twinsie
Kim Kardashian Takes A Selfie With Her Twinsie

There is no denying it -- we all love taking selfies.

Selfies with our dogs, selfies with our margs in the summer or with our basic cup of PSL in the fall, #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies and even duck face selfies. And sometimes you gotta get your whole team to take a selfie of you.

But sometimes we find ourselves awkward with our hands like WHERE. DO. WE. PUT. THEM?!

But have you noticed the increasingly amount of visible hands in our favorite celebrity's seflies?


let us not forget Kylie:

So what is this weird, suddenly-my-selfie-looks-better-with-my-hand-near-my-face thing?

Behold, beauty blogger and queen Huda Kattan explains the mysterious "T-Rex hands" craze.

"If you zoom out and you do it to both hands, you look like kind of like a T-Rex," Kattan explains the dinosaur-inspired trend.

Move over fish gape.

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