Stop complaining about your tiny apartment, this guy lives in a literal box

This is San Francisco-based illustrator Peter Berkowitz.

And this is the box that he lives inside.

Measuring an intimate 8-feet-long, Berkowitz's "pod," as he loving calls it, is his own unique solution to San Francisco's absurdly high housing prices.

Surprisingly enough, Berkowitz claims that living in a pod is actually way better than most people would imagine. "It's the coziest bedroom I've ever had," he said in a post on his website.

"Moreover, I'm now only paying $508/month to live up the street from the beach in San Francisco ($400/month is for rent, $108/month over the course of a year covers the full cost of construction. Building the pod cost $1300 total, $550 excluding up front capital costs.)"

Berkowitz believes more people would try out his lifestyle if they were aware it was not only possible, but economically sound and comfortable as well.

Many people have apartments with the space/ capacity to house another person but choose not to because there isn't an attractive way to do so. Temporary partitions offer poor privacy, especially in terms of sound. They also tend to ruin whatever room they're in - you're less likely to use your living room if it doubles as a bedroom. I think pods can provide a needed fix here.

So, is this just a fad, or will we all one day find ourselves living as peas in Berkowitz's pods?

As rent prices, which are already too damn high, continue to sky-rocket in cities around the world, we just might be.

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