'Siberian unicorn' might have gone extinct merely 29,000 years ago

'Siberian Unicorn' Might Have Gone Extinct Merely 29,000 Years Ago

Researchers from Tomsk State University in Russia have found a unicorn – sort of.

The creature itself is an extinct, very furry rhinoceros often called the 'Siberian unicorn,' but like it's mythical namesake, the animal is surrounded by a great deal of mystery.

Previous estimates put the time of extinction at roughly 350,000 years ago.

A recently studied, well-preserved skull fossil found in Kazakhstan suggests the large-horned mammal stuck around much longer.

Dating revealed the specimen is a mere 29,000 years old.

Lead author of the study, Andrey Shpanski, said, "Most likely, the south of Western Siberia was a refugium, where this rhino persevered the longest in comparison with the rest of its range."

Researchers also note finding more about the animal's survival could inform future efforts related to climate change.

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