Scott Walker announces his support for Sen. Ted Cruz

Scott Walker: 'I Am Proud to Endorse Ted Cruz'
Scott Walker: 'I Am Proud to Endorse Ted Cruz'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker became the latest former Republican candidate to back Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

"I've said it on the campaign trail for governor and last July ... I think Americans want to know what you're for and not just what you're against," Walker said in an interview on Milwaukee radio station, Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

"I just fundamentally believe ... that Ted Cruz is the best position by far to win the nomination of the Republican Party and go on to beat Hillary Clinton," he added.

Walker made his announcement one week ahead of the state's April 5 primary.

"Ted Cruz is a principled constitutional conservative who understands that power belongs to the states -- and to the people -- and not bureaucrats in Washington," Walker posted online.

His endorsement could prove crucial in the state. Cruz and Donald Trump are currently neck-in-neck according to the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics, which find Trump with 32 percent support, Cruz with 30.3 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich well behind with 16 percent.

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Walker briefly sought the GOP nomination himself, entering the race last year and then becoming one of the first candidates to drop out in September after surging and quickly falling behind in the polls.

He joins a growing number of Republican leaders who have started throwing their support to Cruz in recent weeks, including Mitt Romney who endorsed Cruz shortly after appearing on the campaign trail with Kasich, arguing that Cruz had a better shot at both uniting the party and winning the required number of delegates.

Check out photos of Cruz and his wife, who has become a reluctant prominent figure in recent weeks:

Former candidate Jeb Bush also decided to throw his support behind Cruz shortly after the Utah vote.

The growing support for Cruz among establishment Republicans suggests that Trump may need to keep prepping his plan to battle in a possible contested GOP nominating convention this summer.

Walker said he plans to campaign for Cruz throughout the state before the April 5 Wisconsin primary.

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