Red Robin is making the Ramen Burger available nationwide

Red Robin Unveils the Red Ramen Burger
Red Robin Unveils the Red Ramen Burger

If you're a fan of both noodles and burgers, you're in luck.

Casual restaurant chain Red Robin announced Tuesday that they'll bring a New York and Los Angeles cult favorite to their menu — the Ramen Burger.

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Starting April 4, for a limited time, Red Robin will introduce its take on Keizo Shimamoto's original Ramen Burger. They call it the Red Ramen Burger.

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The original Ramen Burger —which Shimamoto debuted at a 2013 food festival in Brooklyn, N.Y. — is comprised of beef patty between two buns made from freshly cut ramen noodles. The burger is served with Shimamoto's special shoyu glaze and fresh vegetables.

Red Robin's take is a bit different. The burger is sandwiched between a seasoned ramen-noodle bun and topped with teriyaki and chiu chow aioli, a mixture of chili-infused shredded cabbage, carrots, onions and a basil leaf.

To celebrate Ramen's role as an essential component of many college student's diets, on April 19 the first 22 college students in the door at participating restaurants can purchase a Red Ramen Burger for only 22 cents — the average price of a package of instant ramen.

In addition, on April 19, Red Robin is also giving anyone who orders a Red Ramen Burger a $2.22 discount.

The Red Ramen Burger will be available in its 500 restaurants, across the country, until June 5.

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