Jenn McAllister's dating advice is completely priceless

AOL Build Speakers Series - Jenn McAllister, "Foursome"

Dating is an awkward business. If anyone understand this, it's Jenn McAllister. Her latest role on YouTube Red's newest show, "Foursome" followers her character and her eccentric friends as they try and take on high school's real core curriculum: the dating game. McAllister's character Andie is undateable thanks to her overprotective brother Alec (played by Vine star Logan Paul). And while Andie might be fumbling her way through the hookup scene, Jenn McAllister has become a seasoned pro on what works -- and really doesn't -- when it comes to everything modern day romances.

We spoke exclusively with McAllister about her best dating advice, including what not to put on Tinder profiles to and the best way to exit out of a blind date. Ahead, see her hysterical -- and extremely practical -- tips.

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