Heavy social media users trapped in depression cycle

Heavy social media users trapped in depression cycle

Snapchatting Tweeting and Instagraming - its all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and according to new study, it looks like we may be hurting ourselves.

Researches warn too much social media can cause depression, which leads to more social media...you get the picture. So why the sad face? Experts say its caused by an idealized representation into the lives of their friends or by spending too much time on social sites and having a "time wasted" feeling.

We've all had that jealous moment when there's a blizzard outside and your cousin's ex boyfriend is posting his Hawaii vacation pics AND announces his engagement. We're jealous of that girl too - and we don't even know her.

Researchers predict depression to become a leading cause of disability in high income countries by 2030 - given the level of integration between social media and daily life experts propose a new condition: Internet Addiction. Watch the video above to learn more!

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Heavy social media users trapped in depression cycle

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