Battlefield 5 might be the first military shooter to tackle future warfare!

The ironic thing is this isn't even a slap against Battlefield, since the series is technically the first military shooter to go from a WWII setting to the future. Heck, they were doing the "jump to the future" thing before it was cool, shipping out Battlefield 2142 back in 2007, the same year that Call of Duty took the "bold" step of going modern day. Seeing the success the franchise received from that, Battlefield committed itself to entering the modern day frame and competing tow to tow with the giant. Of course now Call of Duty seems to be focused entirely on future warfare (for better or for worse), and it seems Battlefield might once again follow its footsteps.

That's if forums on NeoGAF are any source of authority, which 80% of the time they aren't. And yes look, we realize that just yesterday we posted an article that was pretty much a warning about believing internet rumors, but one like this is (too) potentially interesting. It could also be too fake to believe, with little actual proof any of these documents being real at all. However, this isn't a Nintendo NX controller type image that strains credulity -- in fact, all this stuff looks pretty legit. It just happens to look legit enough that it could also be really fake, if that makes any sense.


You gotta love those attached comments — so freaking catty (too many numbers, just "LOL" next to Operation Fishead, etc.) In any case, all of this seems like things that could end up happening. Sure we heard rumors about the next Battlefield being World War I set, but they were never confirmed, so the game actively going in the other direction and going back to the future (ha!) checks out to me. As for the June 12 reveal at EA's Play event, that's not a shocker either -- it's pretty much a given the game will be revealed there, just like it's a given the next Call of Duty will make E3.

So could this just be some internet prankster releasing "leaks" of stuff that could plausibly happen without knowing anything? Could certainly be, and after the double whammy of meanies lying about the NX controller thing, I'm prone to believe it. I just don't think I can trust anymore, guys. I'm hurting too much. Either way, with Battlefield 5 set for release later in the year, we're bound to find out if these leaked images are real or not. Get ready for the future though:

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