5 tricks to help your makeup last all day

5 tricks to help your makeup last all day

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep their makeup looking flawless from the red carpet through the after-party? Us, too! Until recently, we had trouble making our lipstick last through a few sips of our morning coffee.

So what's our new secret? Celebrity makeup artist Sir John. With his top five long-wear makeup tricks, plus a few spritzes of setting spray, we've mastered makeup that simply won't budge.

1. Get Your Skin Makeup-Ready

To ensure long-lasting results, you need to start with the right base: exfoliated, moisturized skin. The less buildup, the better the results you will see. "Contouring on skin that's still wet from moisturizer means your foundation will adhere better," says Sir John. "Then just kiss your skin with powder and concealer."

2. Prime Your Lids

You may have heard that your concealer can serve as a primer for your lids. And while that's technically true -- it may help prevent your shadow from smudging -- Sir John advises against using concealer as a base. He suggests sticking to a designated primer instead. "Concealer oxidizes throughout the day, so it may change the color of the shadow," he says.

3. Double Down on Your Eye Color

To keep your eyeliner looking fresh from morning to night, pat the same color eye shadow right over the liner. It will make any hue, from black to bright blue, opaque and fade-proof.

4. Matte Your Blush

Rosy cheeks are an easy way to boost your appearance, even if you're not going all out with the rest of your makeup. First, apply cream blush to add a rosy tint. Next, Sir John suggests, "[Anchor] the cream with translucent powder to give you bulletproof color." He adds, "You can also use powder to tone down the color and get rid of lines."

5. Layer Your Lip Color

To extend the life of your lip color, don't just outline your pout with liner. Use your favorite shade of liner to cover your lips as you would with lipstick. Then, apply the same shade of lipstick directly over the liner. This trick will keep the color in place a lot longer.

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