This whimsical Mushroom House is straight out of a fairytale

This quirky Mushroom House is seriously one of a kind, attracting attention from all over the world for its whimsical nature-inspired architecture and decor.

The unique hobbit-esque home is rooted in upstate New York, neighboring a waterfall and stream in the middle of the woods. Its earthy interior mimics the exterior design, with roots lining the walls and ceiling and a rounded mushroom shape. At almost 4,200 square feet, the 3-bedroom Mushroom House is spacious and open, yet the treehouse decor gives the private property an intimate and cozy feel.

Take a look around this amazing home:

This private woodsy paradise is currently available for rent at about $10,000 a month -- which is a small price to pay for a home that looks straight out of a fairytale.

Want to see more quirky homes? Watch the video below for a house in Taiwan built entirely upside-down:

Upside Down House in Taiwan Attracting Visitors
Upside Down House in Taiwan Attracting Visitors

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