The countries with the highest perceived corruption

What Are the World's Most Corrupt Countries?

Out of the 7 billion people who live on Earth, more than 6 billion live in countries with corrupt governments, according to anti-corruption coalition Transparency International. That's about 68 percent of countries worldwide, including half of the G20.

Of course, no country is truly free of corruption—even though it may be less severe in some areas of the world, it still lurks in every governing body. With this in mind, FindTheData used the most recent 2015 data from Transparency International to identify the countries with the highest perceived levels of public sector corruption.

The global coalition uses expert opinion and surveys to assign each country a score called the "Corruption Perceptions Index" (CPI). The score is out of 100, where a lower score indicates a higher level of perceived corruption. The score takes into account whether the country has a free press, public access to the government's budget, integrity among those in power, a fair judiciary system (officials don't have a bias towards the rich) that is independent from the other parts of government.

FindTheData ranked each country by its CPI. Transparency International didn't include data for Greenland, so it is excluded from the list. Several of the countries had tied scores, making a true ranking less definitive.

Though they didn't crack the top 30 list, Transparency International wrote in a report that the level of perceived corruption in Australia, Brazil, Libya, Spain and Turkey has risen dramatically. Also, note that these countries that made the list are all characterized by some sort of violent social or political conflict.

Corruption Perception Score: 8
Overall rank: 167
GDP per capita: $1,800.0

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