Taylor Swift and her brother, Austin, hilariously battle it out on Easter

Taylor Swift's Epic Easter Egg Battle
Taylor Swift's Epic Easter Egg Battle

Leave it to Taylor Swift to give us major #EasterGoals!

The singer shared a series of videos on Instagram on Easter Sunday that shed light on how she spends the holiday with her family, and it isn't what you'd expect.

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In the videos, Swift is seen "battling" her younger brother, Austin, with Easter eggs. It seems as though they play a game where each sibling holds an Easter egg in one hand (clearly pre-decorated by the Swift siblings) and, on the count of "three," they put their game faces on and stare into each other's eyes until one of them is brave enough to smash their egg into the other's. Whoever is holding the egg that breaks, loses.

See photos of Taylor Swift through the years:

Of the three separate battles she shared, Swift goes 1-2, though the third one is definitely contentious: Austin may have broken the rules by not "grounding" himself -- Taylor's words, not ours!

Looks like our Easters will have a brand new tradition next year -- Easter egg battles. Thanks, Taylor Swift!

Watch the Swifts' Easter battles below:

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