The most undocumented immigrants live in these states

10 Countries With The Most Immigrants

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made illegal immigration a cornerstone of his campaign, proposing a simple solution for the nation's immigration woes: build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said, if elected president, he would seek out and deport anyone in the country illegally. In contrast, Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposes "a path to full and equal citizenship." The varied policy proposals by presidential candidates reflect the schism of opinion among Americans on immigration issues.

Despite immigration being a key talking point on the campaign trail, the numbers don't always match up with the hype. People living in the country illegally have impacted the workforce, lowering wages and job availability for U.S. citizens without a high school diploma. But other data points suggest a positive impact. This diverse group makes up 5.1 percent of the U.S. workforce and pays an estimated $12 billion into Social Security. Contrary to the amount of attention the issue gets, the number of documented people in the U.S., estimated at almost 11 million, is actually on the decline.

In order to better comprehend this issue, InsideGov synthesized the most recent estimates and broke down the undocumented immigrant population groups by country of birth. This information comes from the Migration Policy Institute's "Unauthorized Immigrant Population Profiles," which was published in 2013 and contains the most recent data estimates. We then ranked the 25 U.S. states with the largest populations of people living there illegally, and ordered the states from smallest to largest undocumented populations.

Note: Data is not complete regarding undocumented immigrants' country of birth. Therefore, the "Estimate of Undocumented Population" listed on each slide may be greater than the sum of the populations listed for each country of birth in the visualization. Data is not provided by the source for Montana, North Dakota or Vermont.

#25. Oklahoma

Note: Data is not provided by the Migration Policy Institute for Montana, North Dakota or Vermont.

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