3 carry-on travel tips for your spring holiday

By: City Brewed

This Thursday, we jet off to Thailand for adventure, sun, and you guessed it, coffee (tips, anyone?). Upon the realization that, during our ten day excursion, I would have access to just one bag (a backpack, at that), I was at first horrified, and then, with a new challenge at hand, decided to tap into the experts. Packing experts, that is.

Keep reading to discover 3 carry-on travel tips for your next vacation.

#1: Use compression bags, and color coordinate them! One of the most challenging aspects of packing for ten days in a small bag (for me, at least) is keeping organized in order to fit all the necessities. For this trip, I bought individual compression bags (each in different colors, in order to keep things like tanks, shorts, and under-things separate). While you can definitely pack sweaters in the compression bags, light pieces are obviously easiest, so I'll be throwing in loose embroidered blouses, a tie-dye scarf dress, and a cute crochet bikini.

#2 Don't forget a flexible day bag: My purses are big. I mean really big. They're structured and oversized and perfect for throwing in pretty much every item I'd ever need. Great for the city, but traveling for 10 days? Not so much. There's a pretty small chance that one of my everyday bags would fit inside my backpack, so instead I found this flexible nylon bag from Longchamp that can easily fold up in my luggage when I'm not using it.

#3: Use the "three rule": What is the three rule, you ask? First, lay out everything you plan to take with you on your trip. Then, eliminate three items. While I really, really wanted to bring this BCBG dress from Revolve, it didn't quite pass the "three piece rule."

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