11 shocking confessions prove why you shouldn't have an affair with your boss

It's basically impossible not to form relationships at your place of work, especially when the nature of your career requires you to be in an office with the same team every day. Whether these relationships are simply professional or they're close and friendly, it's normal and healthy to have a social outlet at work. That being said, it's generally taboo to get involved with coworkers romantically. And what's even more taboo than an affair with your coworkers?

An affair with your boss.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to have an affair with your boss.

1. Carrying on with your boss romantically might be driven by a desire for an easier time at work:

I slept with my boss to get out of doing the dirty work. I also got a raise.

2. It may feel like the relationship is your boss' responsibility because he or she has the upper hand at work:

I had sex with my boss even though I knew she was in a relationship. She initiated so I don

3. Work may feel a lot easier once you're on your boss' good side:

I love my job partly cause I slept with my boss and now I get away with murder.

4. The danger in having a romantic relationship with your boss is what happens if and when it ends:

I have been having an affair with my boss for a year and I don

5. Having an affair can backfire in ways you might never have expected:

I had sex with my boss, and he fired me because he fell in love with me...

6. What begins as an exciting fling can end up hurting your emotions:

I had sex with my boss and now I have feelings for him but he

7. It's ironic if you're trying to get leeway at work to take care of your family by committing adultery:

I slept with my boss so I could get more vacation days with my husband...

8. Finding out that you're the "other woman" puts you in a very difficult situation:

I slept with my boss, then found out he had a girlfriend. I want to do the right thing and tell her, but I don

9. Even if you're not the one cheating on your family, you could still feel just as guilty:

I had sex with my boss who

10. Having to reject your boss might put you in a seriously awkward position:


11. Wondering if your coworkers know what's really going on can be anxiety-provoking:

I slept with my boss in his office while on the clock, now I can

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