Photos from the Macy's Flower Show will make you want to garden right now

Macy's Flower Show
Macy's Flower Show

To welcome in spring in the most festive way possible, Macy's annual flower show is turning heads all over the United States! Featuring unbelievable masterpieces of floral art arranged based on this year's theme (America the Beautiful), the show was like taking a cross-country trip through the sweetest smells and most inviting colors in existence.

The editors were lucky enough to see the show at one of Macy's New York City locations in Herald Square. And because we know that not everyone has seen the beautiful show, we've compiled some of the best features for your entertainment.

We took advantage of Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to share some of the most beautiful snaps from the Flower Show!

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The Flower Show was the epitome of home decor goals:

The aroma from the flowers had us feelin' some sort of way:

This structural creation left us in awe:

The homage to the United States was so impressive:

Nothing better than looking at an array of flowers to make you realize the simple beauty of the world:

Happy spring, everyone!

Check out the Flower Show throughout the years:

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