Bernie Sanders hopes to score wins in West

Bernie Sanders Hopes to Score Wins in West
Bernie Sanders Hopes to Score Wins in West

Bernie Sanders is hoping the western states will give his campaign some added steam.

Washington, Alaska and Hawaii hold their Democratic presidential nominating contests on Saturday and Sanders has been campaigning aggressively, especially in Washington, where the biggest cache of delegates Saturday is up for grabs.

Sanders is virtually tied with rival Hillary Clinton in the latest national poll -- and he drew big crowds in Seattle Friday night.

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"I believe that if we win here in Washington, we're going to win in California, we are going to win in Oregon, and we've got a real path toward victory to the White House."

But Clinton still holds a sizable lead in the delegates race against Sanders.

She's won more than 1,200 party delegates who have pledged to vote for her at the Democratic nominating convention in July, compared with 920 for Sanders.

Meaning Saturday's western states are a 'must-win' for the Senator, who lost to Clinton by large margins in earlier nominating contests in the South.

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