12 confessions prove how difficult the transgender journey can be

As our society becomes more and more progressive, the acceptance and welcoming of all branches of sexuality has gotten extremely prominent. More than ever, people are not only accepted, but encouraged, to be themselves and fight stereotypes, unkind words and shaming. However, that doesn't mean that strutting your sexuality is always easy. There are still road blocks and societal expectations -- and while the transgender community has grown in amazing ways, self-love and pride might not be an automatic trait when coming to terms with your sexuality.

14 transgender people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to confess the truth about their journeys.

1. Everyone has insecurities -- that doesn't mean being accepted by society will change that:

Being transgender is hard, insecurities are prevalent all the time, even when you pass in society.

2. Your security in theory is different than your confidence when push comes to shove:


3. You don't need to understand the transgender journey in order to accept it:

Yes, I

4. Your end goal can make the whole transition process totally worth it:


5. No matter how much love and support you reap, your journey is still your own to bear:

Being ftm is so hard some days... I know my friends and family try hard to support me but sometimes I still feel all alone

6. The road to figuring out who you are isn't always what you expect:

I couldn

7. You should never have to explain to people that who you are is not a sickness:

Being transgender is NOT an ILLNESS. Being transgender is simply being who you truly are and you just wanting to be happy.

8. There is so much love in the world -- but you need to love yourself first in order to find it:

I wish me being transgender didn

9. Imagine how hard it must be to not feel like yourself in your own skin:

Whenever I speak, it sounds like I

10. Anticipating what's next is always harder than actually conquering it:


11. Fear of not being accepted might lead people to lie about who they are:

I tell people I

12. Transgender people are humans -- not novelties:


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