Typo in church's sign congratulates 'Chris' for rising on Easter Sunday

Hilarious Church Signs
Hilarious Church Signs

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and people around the world will be rising bright and early to attend church services.

Worshipers with one particular name at Acomb Parish, in York, United Kingdom, may be in for a special treat.

In preparation for big day, the Baptist church ordered four signs with "Christ is Risen," printed on them, according to Mashable.

However, one of the signs was missing a "t" at the end of Christ.

Oops! Acomb Parish Church in York has been left short this Easter. More T vicar? Good News for Chris, though!

Posted by BBC Radio York on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Luckily, the printing company spotted the error in enough time to remake the sign.

"When we rolled them out they all looked great but Mark, who owns the sign company, confessed that there was another sign and showed me the typo," Ned Lunn the church member who place the order told Daily Mail. "I found the whole thing very funny, as it could have meant anybody called Chris," he said.

For all men named Chris, if you need a little encouragement to make it to church this Sunday or even to just get out of bed, there's an inspirational sign out there with your name on it -- literally!

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