Top nail colors for spring

By: Merrick's Art

Does anyone else ever get in a nail polish rut? I feel like I have ten thousand shades of pink and red in my nail polish box, and whenever I want to paint my nails I don't feel like wearing any of them...but I don't know what other colors to choose!

There are tons of fresh, fun colors for spring this season. I picked up a few of them and have loved wearing them over the last few weeks.

Try these favorites:

Essie Petal Pusher. I love this gray as an unexpected neutral for spring. And it literally goes with everything. You can see me wearing it here.

Sally Hansen Tickled Pink. This is my all time favorite perfect ballerina pink nail color. It's one of those colors that I'll never get tired of wearing -- in fact, I've gone through several bottles because I wear it so much. Also, this brand of polish is really durable and I definitely recommend it, especially at the super low price point! You can see me wearing ithere.

Sally Hansen White On. Everyone needs a bright white nail polish in their collection. It's one of my favorites for spring because it's so fresh and clean. This one is great because it's durable, and only needs two coats to be completely opaque. You can see me wearing it here.

Essie Mint Candy Apple. I picked this one up a few weeks ago and although I haven't tried it yet (too busy trying all these other new colors!), fresh mint is huge for spring and I'm excited to wear this. Some mint greens are a little too bright and bold, but this one is a nice, soft mint so it won't be too blaring.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue. This bright of blue is kind of unexpected for spring, but it's such a fun and bold color choice. I was a little worried that it would be too bright on my hands, but the second I painted them I instantly loved it and got tons of compliments. You can see me wearing it here.

Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low. Metallics are also huge for spring, but definitely unexpected, since I usually think of saving my metallic polishes for Christmas and New Years. But this is basically just a sparkly version of all the neutrals we're seeing everywhere and it's a great choice if you want something subtle on your nails.

OPI Eurso Euro. Spring doesn't have to be all pastels and light colors -- navy is another huge color for spring and it's a great alternative to the burgundy and purples we were wearing all fall and winter. You can see me wearing this one here.

Forever 21 Lavender. This super pale purple is so simple and chic. I'm loving it for spring as a light neutral. Also, F21 polishes are some of my favorites and they're so inexpensive. You can see me wearing it here.

Essie Geranium. We're past the bold reds of the holidays, so now we move to orange-red. I'm in love with this bright color that will transition perfectly to summer. I haven't painted my fingernails with this color, but I did my toes in it a few weeks ago and have loved it so much. Definitely my new go-to red for this season and next! You can see a tiny peek of it on my toes right here and here.

Also we can't talk about nail polish without me mentioning my favorite top coats -- these make all the difference in how long your at-home manicures and pedicures last! I heard amazing things about this one for years and finally bought it and loved it, and then one time I picked up this one from Target and although they're pretty similar, I like it even better. It dries so quickly, it smooths out any mistakes you might have made (or dents/smudges), and it makes my polish stay on for over a week.

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