Scientists find blind fish capable of walking

Scientists Find Blind Fish Capable Of Walking
Scientists Find Blind Fish Capable Of Walking

Fish have certainly mastered the ability to swim, but one recently found in Thailand has proven rather adept at walking as well.

Researchers hailing from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Maejo University found the amazing creature inside a cave and were stunned to see it climbing up a rock face.

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The blind fish, named Cryptotora thamicola, was doing so with a gait not unlike land-based tetrapods such as cows and horses.

Living specimens being scarce, the team turned to preserved samples for further research.

CT scans revealed an incredibly unique skeletal structure including a pelvis that is attached to the vertebrae by long, rib-like bones.

Brooke E. Flammang, one of the researchers commented, "Functionally, it makes perfect sense, but to see it in a fish is incredibly wild."

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