'Sad Affleck' mourns the bad 'Batman v Superman' reviews, but hey, at least we got this 'Sad Affleck' meme out of it

Critics RIP Into 'Batman V Superman'
Critics RIP Into 'Batman V Superman'

That's the problem with expecting you to bow and pray to the neon god we made. There are just so many neon gods these days, it stands to reason there will be a few you just don't want to bow and pray to. As the reviews for Batman v Superman continue to roll in, YouTube user Sabconth caught Ben Affleck in a moment of silent, seemingly disconsolate contemplation. "I tried to murder Superman for this?!?!?" he seems to be thinking. "I had to negotiate a bathroom schedule around that gigantic Batman costume every day for this?!?!?" Unfortunately for Affleck, this moment was during an interview, so now it's a meme. Man, that creeping sadness must be like what Batman felt when his parents were murdered. Except worse, because Batman isn't real.

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