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Last week I shared the ultimate Easter Brunch Entertaining Guide & Menu and these bright orange, yellow and white flower arrangements were displayed front and center on the Easter tablescape. Not only do they add color, texture and an organic element to the table but they make your tablescape (whether it's formal or casual) look all the more elegant. Flower arrangements for special events or dinner parties don't have to break the bank and you certainly don't need to hire anyone to make custom arrangements for you. Building a beautiful arrangement is as simple as "layering" flowers and displaying them in a great vase.

Here's how you do it:

Flowers Used: White Limonium // White Mums // Orange Carnations // Yellow Stock

1. Start by picking out a vase. You can use anything from traditional glass vases to colorful bowls, silver julep cups, up-cycled cans...etc. Just make sure what you decide to use as a vase matches the theme of your party!

2. Cut 4-5 stems of White Limonium. They will have an uneven and natural look. The flowers should be about 1″ above the rim of the vase.

3. Trim and add 2-3 mums to the vase. Place them in between the white limonium and evenly spaced apart.

4. Fill the empty spaces with 2-3 stems of yellow stock. Trim so that they are the tallest flower in the vase and sit at different heights.

5. Finish by trimming and adding 3-4 stems of orange carnations, so they sit about 1 inch from the top of the vase, they may sit at different heights. Fill all empty spaces with carnations


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