City birds are smarter than rural birds

City birds are smarter than rural birds

Birds chirping in the country side can be soothing and help jump start the day, but birds in the city can open drawers.

A recent study suggests city birds are not just smarter than rural birds but also have stronger immune systems - which makes total sense if you've ever been in NYC on trash day. 

Another key difference was their problem-solving ability. City birds performed better in the cognitive tests as shown in this adorable video of a bird moving and opening the lid of a container to get its food.

Researchers studied 53 bullfinches from the Barbados and found that birds from the more developed areas of the Caribbean island were able to open drawers to access food faster and had bolder temperaments.

Luckily these were just little birds or we could have be on the verge of a scary Jurassic Park scenario.

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