Can you spot the hidden Easter egg in this sea of bunnies?

Dudolf's Easter Puzzle Takes Over The Internet
Dudolf's Easter Puzzle Takes Over The Internet

He's baaaack!

Dudolf, the creative genius behind all of those incredible mind-bending puzzles has returned -- and his latest work comes just in time for you to get in the Easter spirit.

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All you have to do is find the little egg hidden among rows of adorable, chubby rabbits in the photo below.

Happy Easter! :)Can you find the EGG amongst the bunnies?Original picture:...

Posted by Dudolf on Friday, March 25, 2016

It seems easy enough, right? But it's actually pretty darn tough!

Are you scratching your head yet? Because we were a little confused at first too.


Seriously though ... it's really hard! You may even become irrationally angry that you can't find the teeny egg -- but it's there, we swear!


Still can't find it? That's okay, we'll let you in on the secret.

Just find the white bunny towards the left corner of the drawing, in the second row from the bottom. Peek between his little ears and you'll spot the hidden Easter egg!

You did it!

And now that you've solved that difficult challenge it's time to get down to important holiday activities -- like chowing down on a big bag of Cadbury creme eggs and finding some real-life Easter eggs with your family.


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