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By Laura Woods, Graphiq

Rich, famous and glamorous, celebrities live a lifestyle most people only imagine. Using data from Gracenote and PrettyFamous, MooseRoots set out to determine which names are more common among celebrities than the general population.

To do this, we analyzed the first names of 23,797 male and 13,843 female celebrities (featured on television or film) born after 1950 to identify the most common names among superstars of each gender. By averaging¹ the birth years of celebrities with a given name, we were able to compare name frequencies among celebrities against that of the general population born the same year. We've highlighted names with the highest relative frequencies among celebrities, and ranked the list from lowest to highest increased frequency among celebrities.

Note: ¹ We had to select one year of data to compare name frequencies among celebrities and the general population. We took the average birth year of celebrities with a given name to base our calculations.

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#50. Kim

Percent More Likely to Be a Celebrity: 5,050%
Celebrities per 1 Million: 2,600.59
Babies per 1 Million: 50.50
Average Birth Year: 1977

A form of Sophia, the name Sophie was uncommon in 1977, ranking just No. 1,345 among baby girls, but stars like Sophie Turner could be part of the reason it became the 91st most popular name by 2014.

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