Australian woman falls in love with her sperm donor

In terms of modern romances, this is about as 2016 as it gets.

When Aminah Hart decided to have her baby via in vitro fertilization (IVF), she had no idea that the man she chose as her sperm donor would also end up being her husband -- two years down the line.

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According to The Telegraph, her choice to have a child using IVF came after she lost two sons from relationships with previous partners. After the tragic losses, she eventually learned that "she was the carrier of a rare genetic disorder which affects sons but not daughters," a discovery that lead her to seek other methods of getting pregnant again.

The made-for-Hollywood story unfolded when she selected fellow Aussie and cattle farmer, Scott Anderson, from a pool of four other men to be the donor. Hart explained that while perusing all the profiles, she chose Anderson because she felt most drawn to his self-described "happy and healthy" personality.

Nine months and a healthy pregnancy later, Hart gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Leila, on August 14, 2012. But it wasn't until another 12 months later that she decided to reach out to Anderson through the clinic, who was only able to contact him because he had previously indicated that he was open to meeting a child that came from his genetic pool.

All three of them decided to meet up four days after Leila's first birthday, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"It was surreal," he said in an interview with The Telegraph. "I was looking at this little girl – she looks like my other kids and like me. Blonde hair, blue eyes. It was overwhelming at the start. It wasn't really my daughter, but it was. At first, I didn't know Aminah so I didn't show much emotion."

The couple eventually tied the knot on the beach in Sorrento, Victoria with 130 of their closest friends and family in an intimate beachside wedding.

Check out pictures of the made for TV family's wedding below:

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