5 unforgettable moments from Macy's Flower Show



Spring has officially sprung! What better way to celebrate than by stopping to smell the roses at Macy's annual Flower Show?

For decades, the retail giant has creating jaw-dropping floral displays every spring. Thousands of flowers are used to create these stunning works of art.

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This year's theme, 'America, the Beautiful,' celebrates the awe-inspiring landscapes and landmarks found throughout the country -- from the Midwest fruited plains to the enchanting forests of the Southeast.

AOL.com got a chance to scope out these majestic gardens at Macy's Herald Square and explore each corner of the country through this year's 'America the Beautiful' theme and the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

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Each day of the exhibit, there is a different featured bouquet. And by 'bouquet,' we mean actual works of art.

The crowds come out in full force to see these crazy floral displays.


I mean, can you believe this is made out of only flowers?

Every color of the rainbow is represented!


One thing is for sure, you will definitely have spring fever by the time you're done.


See photos of some of the past Macy's Flower Shows in the gallery below:

The Macy's Annual Flower Show is touring all over the country. Be sure to check out the event in your city now. For dates and locations check here.

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Macy's Flower Show
Macy's Flower Show