Woman duct-tapes children, lists them 'for sale' in disturbing Facebook post


After a shocking post involving duct-taped children made its way online, the Memphis Police Department is investigating those responsible.

The Facebook photo, which has since been deleted, was uploaded by user Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi with the accompanying caption, "Kids for sale, 45% off because they bad."

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The image showed two children, at least one of whom is thought to be the child of Jaibabi, with duct-tape covering their hands and mouths, sat in the backseat of a car. It's also reported that the oldest of the two children appears to have tears in her eyes as well.

It's not just the police who seem to be getting involved in the bizarre situation. According to an article on WMC Action News 5, "The Tennessee Department of Children's Services said they have very limited information, but they are doing more research before investigating the family."

Along with deleting the photo, Jaibabi has also deactivated her Facebook account since the concerning post went viral. Speaking out on her behalf, however, was relative Derion Dewayne King, who took to social media to defending his cousin's actions.

I don't really to much care about the people they have opinions. Our family and friends know the love we have for all...

Posted by Derion Dewayne King on Friday, March 18, 2016

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