Top knot basics

By: The Middle Closet

Let's be honest, we all have those days where our hair is a mess and not cooperating like we want, or we just need to switch up the routine from the normal curl. Top knots are the perfect solution! There are so many versions and ways of creating the fun bun, but my favorite is this simple and quick version - it literally takes less than 3 minutes!

1. Begin by putting your hair into a high pony. I tend to stay on the messy side for a little more casual of a look. Slick it back for a night out to an event or date.

2. Start twisting your pony around your finger.

3. Continue twisting and wrapping until you've reached the end of the pony

4. Once you get to the end and have created a spiral of your pony, start to let it twist/wrap around itself and around the base of the pony.

5. Secure with a single or two bobby pins. From there I like to mess up the bun slightly by pulling pieces out and making it a little bigger and exaggerated.

6. Voila! You're done! Spray with your favorite hairspray for a longer hold and you're ready for a day or night out on the town

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Top Knot In 45 Seconds

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