The Pirates are selling a hot dog with macaroni, Cracker Jacks, jalapeños and caramel sauce

How to Get Sauce Evenly on Your Hot Dog
How to Get Sauce Evenly on Your Hot Dog

MLB venues have pumped out some truly original food items over recent years, but we may officially have the wonkiest one ever, courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates and PNC Park.

The stadium is now proud host to the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog. Because, at this point, why not?

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The hot dog comes topped with macaroni and cheese, caramel sauce, Cracker Jacks and jalapeños. In other words: It combines every possible flavor you could ever imagine eating all at once.

Let's just walk through this ingredient-by-ingredient. Hot peppers on a hot dog is certainly reasonable. Macaroni and cheese is certainly outlandish, but could probably be appealing to some more adventurous eaters. Cracker Jacks, though? Those have no place on a hot dog. And caramel sauce? Huh? WHY?

News of the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog comes just days after the Atlanta Braves unveiled the Burgerizza, which, yes, is a burger slapped between two personal pizzas instead of buns.

It's very clear that MLB parks have lost their minds. Perhaps this is all some sort of social experiment.

- By John Dorn

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