The evolution of Batman's suit from Lewis Wilson to Ben Affleck

The Evolution of Batman
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The evolution of Batman's suit from Lewis Wilson to Ben Affleck
We got our first look at Batman and his sidekick Robin in 1943 with Lewis Wilson as Batman and Douglas Croft as Robin. Their ensembles, made out of cloth, had some of the key features we still see today -- the symbol, the pointed ear mask, the belt and a brief-like bottom paired with a cape. A (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)
In 1966, the cloth ensembles were still popular, but they got a slightly sexier upgrade with the influence of spandex. Burt Ward as Robin and Adam West as Batman were outfitted in stretchier and tighter-fitting versions of the classic. Batman's mask also got retrofitted with a plastic-style vs. the cloth. Unfortunately, Robin at this time was still running around barely clothed. (1966)
By 1989, Batman had made some serious improvements with Michael Keaton taking over the role as the caped crusader. Keaton was outfitted with a harder shell-like costume, a thick leather-like cape and shinier hardware for a belt and symbol. His mask was also of a tougher quality. Also upgraded? His ride. Batman nixed running around in favor of racing around in the Batmobile. MICHAEL KEATON BATMAN (1989)

In 1995, Val Kilmer and Chris O'Donnell suited up for "Batman Forever" with Kilmer at the bat and O'Donnell as his trusty sidekick. Both men's looks were totally different with a much more muscular style with sculpted suits. The suits caught some flack for showcasing nipples and a very defined nether-region with the belt serving as almost a garter. That being said, Batman had just entered the realm of sexy. 

Now we can all take a closer look at those nipples. In 1997's "Batman and Robin," George Clooney showed off Batman's chiseled side with his suit, which really was fairly similar to Kilmer's. The major difference in the suit is actually in the mask, with Clooney's showing off more of his jawline and bright white contacts.

The batsuit got another sweeping upgrade when Christian Bale flew into the role for "Batman Begins." Bale reportedly thought Kilmer's garb was uncomfortable so he asked for a new look, which took on a gunmetal-like quality that was less about the chiseled muscle lines and more about a military armor. It was a big hit. Another major change was the mask, which further concealed Batman's identity with a different cheekbone structure and more narrow ears. 


Batman (aka Ben Affleck) is hiding on the left side of this photo, but you can already tell his batsuit got a makeover for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." The mask, which has much smaller ears than previous bats, is one major change. Also, his look almost appears to be two-toned with two different types of plating across the breast. 


Batman was flying around nearly naked in the early days!

The first Batman Lewis Wilson was outfitted in ill-fitting gray and black cloth suit in 1943 as he dashed around to protect Gotham City. His look, which is similar to many children's Halloween costumes now, was comprised of a gray jumpsuit, black briefs, a belt, cloth cape and a cloth mask that left his face largely uncovered.

But it wasn't long before the Batsuit got a major style overhaul. In 1989, when Michael Keaton took the role, Batman stepped up his style game and was sporting a much more muscular look with rubber-like detailing. Then Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale took the roles sequentially and things really got interesting... with Batman opting for an almost kevlar-like ensemble. Now it's Ben Affleck's turn for the role and he's even changed the way Batman looks.

Check out all of the different batsuits above

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