Telltale will continue to make us suffer with more Walking Dead later this year

Telltale Games is very much a busy company, to the point that recounting all the things they have in development would make up oh, I don't know, the opening paragraph of this article. They of course have Batman (prepping for a Summer bow), an undisclosed Marvel project (on track for next year), Minecraft: Story Mode (more on that later), Game of Thrones Season 2 (already confirmed to be in the works), The Wolf Among Us Season 2 (oh come on it has to happen eventually, right?), some "ambitious" original creation (who knows when that will come), and who knows what else -- at this point, it seems that the entertainment world is Telltale's episodic oyster. More Borderlands perhaps too?

But though Telltale has been a presence in the industry for at least a decade at this point, it's hard to deny what lead them to this point of such prosperity: the success of The Walking Dead game, both critically and commercially. And though Telltale has a lot of projects in the pipeline, they haven't forgotten their first big cash cow quite yet, as the company has confirmed another season of the game is on its way — and not very long from now either.

Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner spoke to Mashable recently about the future of the series, saying definitely that another episode of the series will arrive by the end of the year. Bruner also spoke briefly about Telltale's approach to the new season, which of course got complicated by the very much branching storyline now in place for the game.

"From a role-playing, interactive storytelling point of view, it is not from the bag of tricks that we've ever shown anybody before," said Bruner, continuing that the next season would be "unexpected" in its direction...which yeah, sounds cool, if vague. In any case, the big takeaway here is that more Walking Dead will be coming by the end of the year, which is a good thing again.

Let's just hope that when The Walking Dead returns, it will match the consistent quality of the first season. AND that Telltale won't kill the baby.

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