PwC will save $850M if they just listen to millennials

PwC Chairman Reveals The 3 Things Millennials Want In A Company
PwC Chairman Reveals The 3 Things Millennials Want In A Company

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a company that consists of nearly 80 percent millennials. Yet, the turnover rate for young employees is alarmingly high.

The company found in a survey that nearly 71 percent of their employees confessed that their jobs "interfere with their personal lives."

It makes sense then, that the company would want to makes strides towards accommodating the concerns of their younger employees.

In order to increase flexibility, PwC is in the process of turning all of its U.S. offices in to "co-working spaces."

Here's how millennial salaries differ across the US:

These spaces won't be your typical congested cubicle setup, but rather a combination of seats, conference rooms, and desks that are reserved ahead of time.

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The hope is that when you walk in to the office (which, thanks to PwC's newer policies of allowing its employees to work remotely as often as needed), you never feel chained to your workflow and the everyday monotony.

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Plus, the new conversion will downsize office space and costs tremendously (and by tremendously we mean a potential $850M by the time the project is completed.)

Nothing like saving mega-millions and appeasing your employees at the same time.

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