Police: Toddler found chewing on packet of crack cocaine in day care

Daycare Employee Discovers 3-Year-Old Chewing On Packet Of Crack Cocaine

A worker at a Philadelphia day care found a 3-year-old child chewing on a packet of crack cocaine, according to Philadelphia police.

The owner at the Works of Learning Early Day Care noticed the toddler chewing on something before breakfast had been served. After taking a closer look, she discovered that the toddler had a small bag with a white-colored substance in her mouth.

After notifying the child's parents, the worker drove the 3-year-old to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Traces of crack cocaine were found in the 3-year-old's system, CBS Philly reports. The Children's Hospital kept the child for observation.

Sereda Thompson, the owner of the Works of Learning Early Day Care, spoke to NBC Philadelphia about finding the toddler with crack cocaine. "For a substance like that to be in a child I know, that's very disheartening," she said. "I would never want any child to experience anything like that."

Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police spoke out on the situation saying, "Obviously they are shocked when they get the phone call, anyone would be. They are with the child now and detectives are down there talking. The kid is in good spirits and the parents are aware of what happened, but obviously are not happy about what happened and are still trying to figure it out themselves."

Police do not think the girl found the drug inside the day care and are investigating.

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