Nine lives not enough for Mew-Genics, as project gets cancelled

This story really hurts me, and I am not sure I can take anymore of these announcements. First it's Tacoma being delayed, then it's Lionhead shutting down, and now it's this. When will the good ideas stop being snuffed out by the forces of evil. Namely, time and money. Curse you, time and money! And the day you were invented to stop amazing video games from coming out!

So the greatest idea for a video game ever, and potential greatest game of all time, Mew-Genics, has been cancelled by its creator Edmund McMillen. McMillen is known for being a super genius and famous indie developer, since he has several all-timers under his belt: Gish, Super Meat Boy, and The Binding of Isaac. That's an impressive list of games to have made, and Mew-Genics being put on hold indefinitely is just a twist of the knife we did not need this week. Our friends at Eurogamer got him on the record:

"I'm unsure of its future but there is a chance we will attempt to revamp it in a few years with a new design of mine that will push it in a new direction that will hopefully make it more exciting for both of us to work on," he said. "But sadly till then it's not gunna happen."

The game was to be a mix between a randomly generated rouge-like and Animal Crossing, but with genetic alteration, and cats. Hundreds of cats. There isn't a game based on breeding cats, and there needs to be. Cats are great! And imagine tons of cats, in a house! It's the purr-fect game. I'm sorry, the perfect game, that's what I meant. Anyways, the game might one day see the light of day, but for now, McMillen has moved on to The Legend of Bum-Bo, which is a game set in the Binding of Isaac universe, and might feature the bum friend. Who was a character who stole money from you. Yeah, that over cats, apparently. I know, right?

Let's cheer each other up by watching videos of cats together, while trying not to cry:

48 Adorable Cat Shenanigans

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