Eerie website reveals who has died in your home

Website Reveals Who Has Died in Your House
Website Reveals Who Has Died in Your House

Want to know who lived in your house before you did? Or even worse DIED in your home before you moved in?

Fear no more -- thanks to this eerie website, -- the morbid truth will be revealed.

Founder Roy Condrey, who started the site based on his own first-hand experience, explained that its "purpose is to help you found out [the truth] before you buy or rent."

And for only a small fee of $11.99, you might be shocked at what spine-chilling information this site may dig up.

Using a valid U.S. address, the website compares names associated with the house to the U.S. Death Master Index, and then compiles a report with the following information:

Has a death occurred?

Who died at that house?

When did the person die?

What was the cause of death?

List of names associated to the address

Vitality status of previous residents

Additional information about the death

Reported meth activity, including labs, "dumpsites" or "chemical and glassware" seizures

Reported fire incidents related to the address

Pretty much all the information you're DYING to know.

Although deaths in homes are not uncommon, New Orleans realtor Jon Huffman explains that, "the question there isn't, 'Did somebody die? It's 'How many people died in this house over the years!'"

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